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Nick Perez is a Corpus Christi, Texas-based couture and bridal designer.

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Behind Nicó lies Nick Perez, a 20-year-old self-taught fashion designer with dreams of taking over the world.

However, long before he was one of the hottest names in South Texas fashion, he was a creative kid who was searching for his calling. Growing up in a traditional Latino household, fashion was never supposed to be in his cards, but a high school fashion class changed his draw, where he excelled at a national level for his work. He began altering prom dresses for friends and staying late after school to learn the ropes behind sewing and design. Nick began to use his talents in drawing to further his newfound passion for fashion.

Forgoing the traditional route was an easy choice for someone who didn’t want to be boxed in the rules that he’d have to conform to in college.

Staying in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, Nick kept working and began showing his work at shows across South Texas. Nearly two years ago, he formed Nicó and set out on a creative journey to rule the world. With his own brand, Nick has maintained an uphill growth of his style, brand, and reputation as one of the hottest new names in fashion for South Texas. Not being boxed in by traditional teachings, Nick’s designs are the first of their kind with their own rules.

Specializing in women’s wear and evening gowns, Nick creates clothing that can be worn by anyone and will want to be worn by everyone. However, his ambitions aren’t stopping with women’s wear. He not only is a photographer and make-up artist but wants to delve into all types of fashion with dreams of becoming a mogul all on his own. In Fall 2018, he held his first Nicó show, with a series of looks that he designed from when he was 16 to 20-years-old. The show was not only a celebration of the past but a first look at the growth that the young designer is doing. Nick is currently prepping an upcoming fashion lookbook for Spring 2019 and a runway show to follow.