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In Fall 2018, over four years of Nick Perez’s designs hit the runway in Nicó’s first Corpus Christi runway.

A celebration of the past to prepare the world for what’s to come next, the looks were an introduction to his future. Meant to highlight his growth, the designs were made from when he was 16 to 20-years-old and show a unique take on women’s wear from a budding stylist.

   The young designer is still growing up and isn’t afraid to embrace his youth in his looks. He wanted the show to celebrate everything that he’s done before and let the night be a glamorous send-off of the past and a bright light toward the future.

   With lights, looks, and luxury, Nick’s designs hit the runway for a packed house at BUS in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi. Every model wore clothes meant to intimidate the room with their sleek designs, and the crowd ate it up.

   His first show as the face of Nicó was a rousing success as it highlighted Nick’s growth as a designer and celebrated his past in the process.


Photos by Will Roescher

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